Welcome to Biometrics4ALL’s LiveScan fingerprinting service portal. Over the past decade, Biometrics4ALL’s LiveScan infrastructure has processed over 3 million LiveScan fingerprint-based background checks, and our LiveScans are utilized around the world in 4 continents. We are excited to offer you the most secure and convenient LiveScan fingerprinting background check through our extensive service centers network. Many new service centers are being added each week, and additional federal and state LiveScan processing types will be forthcoming. Biometrics4ALL is also an approved FBI Channeler providing LiveScan services via our website.

One of the key services we offer is the FBI Personal Record Review (also known as U.S. Departmental Order 556-73). Applicant Services offers the fastest service in the industry with the ability to deliver your FBI Report online. Typical search results are delivered in hours not days or weeks. You may securely review your results upon successful login with our Advanced Authentication protocol and use the results for:

  • Requesting a copy of your FBI criminal record to challenge the content within, review or correct information, and other court-related purposes.
  • Meeting requirements to live, work, or travel in a foreign country.
  • Adopting a child (some states require state specific or local background checks).
  • Sending results directly to your attorney for review to ensure fair and accurate legal representation.

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